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  • How many questions to be answered in the exam?
    You should choose 5 out of 8 questions. All question carry equal marks. Before starting to answer, read all the questions and select the ones that you wish to answer. Then start with the easiest one but use the allowed time carefully.
  • Can I take the exams in a random order?
    You can take any compulsory and/or optional subjects of your choice in the order you prefer.
  • Are the exams conducted in "multiple choice" or "essay format"?
    Exams are conducted in "essay format" where you are expected to demonstrate your knowledge, arguments and opinions in a introduction-body-conclusions sequence.
  • What is the aim and benefit of "Foundation Diploma"
    The Advanced Diploma has been designed as a stepping stone into full professional qualification and suits those who have some industry knowledge. Like the Foundation Diploma, the Advanced Diploma is a recognised and respected qualification and it can count towards your Professional Qualifying Examinations. It involves taking the Institute's benchmark paper Shipping Business plus one other subject from Group 1 (except Introduction to Shipping) or from the Group 2 list of optional papers from the Institute's syllabus. An Advanced Diploma is awarded if both subjects are passed in the same exam sitting.
  • How to answer the questions successfully
    Candidates, while answering the questions, will explain the mentioned topics in a clear language in the introduction section, incorporating both theoretical and practical applications, enriching their responses with current developments, and concluding by integrating their own opinions and views. You are expected to be able to explain the subject to someone who is not familiar with it in broad strokes, and the other person should be able to understand without much difficulty. At this point, it is also required that you successfully touch upon widely accepted literature and legitimate practices in the market.
  • What is the aim and benefit of "Foundation Diploma"
    The Foundation Diploma is ideal for people with little industry experience but who would like to gain practical knowledge and a sound qualification. It involves taking the Introduction to Shipping paper plus one other subject from Group 1 (except Shipping Business) or from the Group 2 list of optional papers from the Institute's syllabus. The Foundation Diploma is a stand-alone qualification in its own right, but because it can count towards your membership examinations it is also a great way to ease into study and gives you an overall view of the business. A Foundation Diploma is awarded if both subjects are passed in the same exam sitting.
  • Becoming a member (MICS)
    Membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers means much more than the initials after your name. As the largest network of professional shipbrokers, managers and agents, ICS membership is internationally recognised as a mark of professionalism in the shipping industry. This is our largest Membership category, with the vast majority of Members achieving their status through examination. To be eligible for Membership, you must comply with the following: 1. Have a bona fide connection to the commercial shipping industry at the time of application. This includes brokers, agents, principals, owners, lawyers, seafarers, insurers and cover a wide range and scope of activity. 2. Have passed the Institute's Professional Qualifying Examinations, or have submitted a dissertation that satisfies the criteria and is approved by the Institute's Education and Training Committee 3. Have satisfied the Controlling Council that he or she is a fit and proper person to become a Member Once eligible, applicants may apply by completing and signing the application for membership form in full to either the branch or directly to the head office. Your application then needs to be endorsed by your local branch and the ICS Vetting Committee before being sent to the Controlling Council for final approval.
  • Can we use computers or typewriter in the exams?
    No. Only PENS (gel / ballpoint / roller / fountain etc.) are allowed in the exams. Candidates should make an effort to submit a neat answer booklet with legible handwriting. The smoother the pen glides on the paper you use, the less fatigue your hand will experience, NO PENCILS ARE ALLOWED !
  • What if I fail?
    If you fail any optional subject, you can continue by choosing another optional subject in subsequent exam periods. Compulsory subjects must be retaken in case of a fail.
  • Can I sit in the exams in any of the exam centers?
    Yes, you can choose where to sit your exams. Please see a list of exam centers at: Exam centers are updated in every exam period. Please check for your dates.
  • How to study for the exams?
    Some options are: - Self study (especially with ICS books) - TutorShip ( - ICS Online Academy ( - International Teaching Centers and Recognized Partners (ITC)* * MARTRED is the Recognized Partner of ICS in TÜRKİYE
  • Moving on with PQE after sitting in FD or AD
    Foundation Diploma and Advanced Diploma subjects will count towards your membership examination (i.e. PQE) for those who wish to continue their pathway to becoming an ICS Member
  • What is the exam duration?
    Morning session is conducted between 09:30 and 12:30 Afternoon session is conducted between 13:30 and 16:30 You are given three (3) hours to complete the exam.
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